Chatbot as a Service

Run your business operations effortlessly with Infychatbot

Why Infychatbot?

Infychatbot is a service, powered by rules and sometimes artificial intelligence, that you interact with via a chat interface.

Advanced chatbots use AI and natural language processing (NLP) to understand complete sentences from customers like real humans. Concretely, the interaction with a chatbot looks like a conversation in messaging apps you already know:

Instant Transactions

Deploy customer to the payment gateway and encourage them to buy.

Recorded Answers

Customers can take a screenshot whenever they like and record conversations.


Chatbots can deliver personalized experiences than customer service specialists.

24 hours availability

Continuous communication between the seller and the customer anytime.

Save Time & Money

Reduce your spending on people. Great ROI in short span due to customer engagement.


Automate repetitive tasks such as arranging meetings, providing search functionality. 

How we are different?

In today’s fast moving world, customers often wants answers quickly. Our Chatbot as a Service offering provides a better customer experience. Infychatbots are programmed to answer FAQs, collect feedback and more according to your business needs.

Building a Chatbot with our “as-a-service” approach means you’ll get the capabilities and expertise required to build a proof of concept within days, so your chatbot solution can be implemented much faster.

Build your personal chatbot

Build your chatbot according to your business. We help you make a chatbot by just clicking and dragging things. Our experts will guide you to make your own chatbot that will drive customers to the page you want. Infychatbot is an AI-powered robot that will constantly strengthen your website and bring in more leads.

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