Dental Chatbot


Dental Chatbot


Get a Personal Assistant for your Dental Website. Here’s How our Dental InfyChatbot can help you…

If you are a dentist for example, instead of training an employee to receive your patients or book appointments you can program our InfyChatbot to perform all these tasks and give information on your services.

Dental Chatbot at work:

See how InfyChatbot can be a “Full-time Receptionist” for your Dental Website.   

1. Dental Appointments can be booked automatically.

The Dental InfyChatbot runs smoothly on your website, working 24/7. It not only answers queries but also books customer’s appointments. You can receive the appointment details easily from the data.

2. Patient Support and Navigation

InfyChatbot helps website visitors find services they need without having them click through the entire dental website. Our chatbot uses a combination of natural language understanding through AI and expected questions, website visitors will have a quick way to get help instantly.

3. Dental FAQ Support

When using InfyChatbot, you can set it up to answer common dental questions asked by people. Whether a patient types a question in chat or follows a setup flow, InfyChatbot’s AI understands the context and has very lower dropoff compared to non-AI-powered chatbots.

4. Information on treatment and procedures

InfyChatbots helps provide patients information on procedures and treatments that your clinic provides.


Platforms and Integrations

Custom Integrations on demand

Google Sheets


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Reduced Call load


Decrease in bounce rate


More appointments

Having an Infychatbot on your dental website allows you to get more out of your marketing spend by giving visitors a way to receive help and answer by chatting with the chatbot instantly. Whether a patient is looking for your office hours, what insurances are accepted, or schedule an appointment, they can follow the flow of our chatbot using preset responses or type in a question.

If a query of a patient cannot be answered by the information in the chatbot flow, FAQ matching comes in, and if there is still no match, the document search feature instantly kicks in, which uses contextual understanding to look out a page on the website that has relevant information. The results by the chatbot are returned in a carousel view with links to help patients quickly navigate to the relevant pages.

Our chatbot takes advantage of AI and natural language understanding to learn common questions and provide precisely tailored responses based on previous interactions that are stored.

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