Infychatbot to power the Digital Transformation of Finance and Accounting for your business or bank.

Let our chatbots serve as personal shopping assistants to your customers. Instead of having customers browse through your entire site, you can use chatbots to understand what they are exactly looking for and offer tailor-made communication to your customers on basis of their needs.

Your website can also recommend products to shoppers based on their shopping history with Infychatbot.

Optimize your sales process. Leverage customer experience for revenue growth.

1. Manage the online store

Our bots can act as a store manager to keep track of inventories and stock. Once the bot finds a certain product going out of stock, It can easily notify your logistics team.

With a chatbot you can easily retarget customers who have abandoned their cart while shopping and promote the same with a coupon code or some other benefits. This feature avoids leakage of buyers.

3. Customer feedback

Use multi-channel Infychatbot to collect and process the customer feedbacks automatically and provide a superior customer experience on your website.

4. Delivery Tracking

The bots also empower your banks or businesses with anti-money laundering(AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and third-party risk monitoring types of activities. All things can be handled by intelligent data access and analysis.


Platforms and Integrations

Custom Integrations on demand

Google Sheets


We Chat


Join forces with technology to meet ever-changing customer expectations


of customer interactions will be automated using AI-powered chatbots by 2022


of the customer relationships will be managed without interacting with a human


of white-collar workers will interact with conversational platforms daily by 2022


of customer service costs can be reduced by implementing AI-powered chatbots

Infychatbot for eCommerce helps your business offer customers the best possible experience on your website. Help them find the right purchase with product information search directly through our automated chatbot conversation. Upscale your website with relevant product recommendations.

With InfyChatbot’s assistance, navigate your customers stock information and delivery estimates right from the home page, product page, cart or checkout. Integrate with the Customer Relationship Management solutions to automatically open tickets on customer queries and give them information about their order, from delivery status, to claims and refunds.

All without needing to speak to a human representative.

InfyChatbot Benefits

If your business still hasn’t embraced the use of chatbots, it’s the right time to implement this technology and stay ahead of your business competitors. Don’t need to look around to get a bot developer for you! Simply contact us and we can help with the best-in-class custom software development and e-commerce solutions.  

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