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Collect feedback smartly from your website visitors with Infychatbot’s engaging chatbot. 

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Collecting feedback from a website visitor is an integral task for any business. To assess how your customers feel about the product/service listed on your website, data is of utmost importance. Every customer conversation can be used as a chance to deliver a better experience.

Chatbots Make Giving Feedback More Fun

Customer feedback bots transform the whole survey experience. In fact, it’s completely replacing the traditional conversational forms. Chatbot conversations load with your brand personality. And users appreciate this shift!

Leaving feedback through an interactive conversation makes it all the more enjoyable. This increases the chances that your customers will take their time to provide you with the information you need. We care about a pleasant experience not just before but also during a survey, which is an extra mile down the differentiation lane.

Chatbots let you react in Real-Time 

Chatbots let you take your customers down different and personalized conversation threads based on their answers. So you have a chance to react to particular problems there and then. Dive into the topic as and when you feel.

For instance, suppose if a customer complains about a particular problem that you are aware of, you can have the bot offer them a discount voucher in the middle of their survey.

Chatbots let you analyze Conversation Flow 

This is perhaps one of the most unique attributes of using an Infychatbot to collect customer feedback!

With the traditional survey forms, you can see how many people accessed the form and how many people submitted it. However, you have zero idea about what happened to those who didn’t make it all the way to the end.

Our chatbot analytics is AI-driven and is more thorough. It lets you follow customer behaviour throughout the questionnaire. You have the opportunity to identify points of friction and improve the conversion flow.

Configure Everything

Pop-up Cards

You can display a card that auto-triggers and ask questions to your users. When do you want the pop-up to appear? After a certain time or a specific website scroll? It’s all up to you.

Conversational Bot

Design beautiful, engaging chatbots that get your actionable responses. Customize everything about your chatbot. Add an avatar or a picture or make it just as human. Your choice!!

Inline Embed

You can configure the height and width. Inline embed anywhere on your website. Data collection without any redirects.

Embed or WordPress shortcode

Simply use the embed code we generate automatically for you and add it to your website. For your WordPress websites, we’ve got the shortcode all ready to embed.

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