The better way to make HR more accessible – to everyone

No more disgruntled employess and no more work lagging behind.

Avoid wasting valuble time and money on working personnel. Our HR Chatbot will do all that and more for you.

Our HR Chatbot uses Conversational AI to continually enhance HR service, boosting productivity and helps deliver a more rewarding and personalised experience for both, job candidates and employees.


With over 2 decades of exposure in IT, we are well aware of the challenges faced in the HR industry.

HR teams have to keep the employees happy and satisfied at work and they are expected to have all the detailsof the employee-base at their finger-tips. The time the HR team spends managing routine processes can be effortlessly handled by chatbots, leaving the HR personnels, time to offer individual attention making the employees feel appreciated.

Our Conversational AI Chatbots based on Natural Language Processing can detect a wide range of human emotions like anger, frustration, de-motivation and exhaustion and if required, can pull in an HR professional for human engagement, seamlessly.

Screening Candidates

Chatbots screen candidates for specific job requirements helping in shortlisting the viable candidates.

Employee Onboarding and Orientation

An HR chatbot can deal with the documentation and filing of papers during employee Onboarding and Orientation.

Automate Emailing of Documents and Payslips

The Chatbot can be planned to send hundreds of required employee documents and payslips at a particular time every month.

Scheduling Interviews

After shortlisting the candidates, the Chatbot emails about scheduling interviews, blocking the calender dates accordingly.

Tracking Employee Attendance, Paid Leave Balances & Employee Surveys

Our Chatbot can be programmed to track employee attendance, leave balances and employee surveys. It can also be programmed to draw inferences based on it.

At Your Service Anytime, Anywhere

Handles unlimited number of  questions 24*7, 365 days of the year.

Easy As 1…2…3…

Our HR Chatbot is pre-programmed to handle thousands of queries. Alongwith these, we understand your unique needs and customise the chatbot to work according to your requirements.

And  all this can be done in as less as 1 week.


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