Insurance Chatbot


Insurance Chatbot


Infychatbot brings your Automated Insurance agent to life…

Making insurance companies more effective and profitable, and customers happier

1. Claims handling and underwriting

Road accidents, natural disasters, and other life-threatening events can happen anytime and anywhere. Filing a claim during such a time, however, is often a time-intensive, exhausting and emotional exercise.

3. Customer acquisition

Infychatbot’s self-service AI insurance bots make the purchase of any policy through any channel easy and hassle-free.

4. Policy Review

Our smart bots instantly compare the placing slips to speed up the contract renewal process. Hence, satisfying customer’s needs quickly. We have developed a technology in which the Infychatbots automatically reads, understands and extracts discrepancies and misalignments between new and previous slips. Thus, it lowers the operational costs for manual evaluation and manual time.


Platforms and Integrations

Custom Integrations on demand

Google Sheets


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increase in online insurance policy sales by offering personalized recommendations.


of query management processes can be automated with Infychatbot


decrease in claim handling time.


increase in customer satisfaction ratings by making it easier for consumers to understand confusing insurance terms.

The number of people buying policies and seeking support online has gone up exponentially. Unavailability of agents results in customers bouncing away and switching to other insurance providers that are available online. Infychatbot with AI technology in Insurance is not just a value add but a necessity for insurers in today’s competitive digital world.

Buying any type of insurance is a crucial decision for a buyer. The customer usually desires a proper data to back up the decision they are gonna make and obviously the best possible purchasing experience. The customer also ensures that they get what they want and when they want it. These expectations can be fulfilled by using an insurance Infychatbot

The most common use cases of chatbots in the Insurance Sector include Lead Profiling and Conversion, 24/7 Customer support, Claim processing, Payment assistance, Customer experience and lastly feedback. 

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