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Infychatbot completely automates your subscription processes. Give customers the power to manage their relationship with your brand.

Through natural language understanding, we improve the process of content creation and how it is consumed.

Our chatbot answers 90% of a customer’s questions and currently handles 80-90% of conversations from start to finish.


Optimize your sales process. Leverage customer experience for revenue growth.

1. Provide personalized news, updates and releases

Media companies know that they have to go beyond providing news stories worth reading, and that they have to deliver news in unique ways in order to attract and retain their readers and subscribers.

Leading media and entertainment businesses generate nearly 25% of their yearly revenue from merchandise sales. Our chatbots can play a major role in helping these companies market and promote merchandise – and ultimately push more product to their customer base. Our chatbots can also save data from past conversations, user profiles, and purchase histories, and leverage this information to push relevant products, promote upcoming tours that may be of interest, or to make personalized offers.

3. Increase CTR

Market research has shown that chatbots are a great way to boost click-through rates (CTR) for media and entertainment companies. Online advertisers want to display their ads as effectively – and as cost-efficiently as possible. Our chatbots have already been deployed to websites and other channels by multimedia companies across the world, and have helped countless companies improve website and campaign CTRs. 


Platforms and Integrations

Custom Integrations on demand

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Join forces with technology to meet ever-changing customer expectations


increase in customer engagement and 45% increase in customer query resolution.


increase in “Buy Ticket” conversions through chatbot conversations on Facebook Messenger.


increase in CTR for “More Information” buttons on news websites.

Let’s deploy a chatbot for your Social Media Marketing business or on a newspaper website to assist customers with buying media properties. Infychatbot, with its AI, can assist marketers and visitors on how to create optimised campaigns based on parameters like geography, demographics, interest and even source of traffic.
Our bot will also help media buyers to keep track of multiple performance metrics like real-time bid, traffic volume and click-through rate. Many such features can be made available which your business may demand.
You can increase the efficacy of the customer service for your media and publishing brand. With our virtual assistant, give your customer an extraordinary experience in mixed-media subscriptions, including magazines, newspapers, books, movies, tv shows on your site.
With Infychatbot, you can offer an automated 24/7 solution that gives customers self-service on their subscriptions, recommends new products and add-on.
Our bots are trained to understand a users intent which then engages them and eventually encourages them to click on landing pages and other call-to-action techniques are used that are more dynamic and interesting than traditional marketing approaches.

InfyChatbot Benefits

We are here to help you scale customer support with an intelligent conversational experience that personally connects with each and every one of your website visitors.

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