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In this modern age, security at work is always on top of everyone’s mind. Though security and compliance don’t have to be overwhelming, it is important. Using chatbots on Workplace from Facebook, it’s easy to ensure that everyone in the company has immediate access to security and compliance information and materials whenever they need it.
  • Greet staff and alert them to security announcements.
  • Direct staff to official security with data and privacy documentation.
  • Alert the security and IT personnel immediately, when incidents are reported by staff.

Ensure that your staff is aware of important security updates and announcements. Ensure that they are linked to training materials and resources, answer FAQs, and alert IT and security teams about unusual incidents.

    Other Benefits of a Chatbot

    Instant access

    Allow employees to report incidents and access policy materials, 24/7

    Automated experience

    Automatically alert your staff to important security updates and announcements

    Schedule training

    Set up alerts and automatically schedule future broadcasts for check-ins

    Organisation wide

    Quickly roll out security processes and training across an entire organisation

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