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Advantages of Chatbots for Logistics companies

Sending effective messages

 Chatbots are best used for sending messages to employees and customers.

Reduced Costs

Don’t pay for any human labour and automate customer service. 

Better Workflow

Chatbots in logistics streamline workflow, enable a seamless flow of information. 

Real time tracking

Chatbots load GPS maps, send pictures of order content, deliver live status of vehicles and more. 

Time Management

Considerable time savings which can be spent for productive purposes like getting new orders and growing your business.

Increased Availability

Chatbots offer 24/7 support, ensuring better availability for your customers. Customers also like chatbots 

supply chain and logistics

Chatbots in Supply Chain Operations

Chatbots are great at reducing the back-and-forth communication that a human would typically have to do as a coordination task amongst multiple people. Chatbots as Logistic Solutions assist both, the customer-centric side of a logistics business, and operational processes.

  • Customer Orders: New orders from customers, orders which are in progress, delayed orders, cancelled orders or unclaimed orders – all these need to be processed in real-time. These flows must be updated according to the current situation.
  • Warehouse Matters: The humongous inventories, scheduled deliveries, and order tracking information, the warehouse locations need to be updated constantly.
  • Fleet Information: A Logistics company needs to know how many vehicles are currently running on the route or they are in the state of maintenance, idle or out of order. To avoid delays, the transport company must be prepared to replace a broken vehicle or even increase the number in case of demand. The fleet information must be updated and adjusted as soon as possible, which is done by chatbots.
  • Personnel Information: Logistics companies rely on drivers to deliver goods. An updated record showing employees who are currently working or their status such as vacation, sick leave, or on a day off is in the must-have league.

Logistics Chatbot Integrations with Other Technologies

Internet-of-Things (IoT)

Various connected devices, for example, temperature and humidity sensors, counters send their data informing about changes in the warehouse conditions, out-of-stock items, items added or moved to other places, and so on.

When the database storing the data received from the IoT devices is connected to a chatbot, the flow of warehouse management gets even easier.

Voice Recognition

Voice is an important channel of communication when the worker cannot reach for the smartphone or tablet or must keep their eyes on the road. Amazon Alexa or Siri in chatbots can be useful.

 Voice assistants can also help logistics companies to reach their customers. Infychatbot responds to plain speech answering delivery-related questions.

Big Data

Chatbots in logistics have proved to be an excellent source of information which they gather quickly and in bulk.

Our chatbots collect and organize data from customers, warehouses, suppliers, vehicles, and personnel. The data received from the chatbot helps to plan future campaigns and modify the existing procedures to achieve maximum profits.

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